I Have Applied the Mirror Effect on Popular Bollywood Celebrities and the result were Super Cool

Symmetrical faces are more attractive as the expert says. To see how attractive it can be I decided to apply mirror effect on some of popular bollywood celebrities.

Let's have a look at symmetrical look of Bollywood Stars and Tell us which one amaze you ?

1. Hritik Roshan

2. Akshay Kumar

3. Disha Patani

4. Ananya Pandey

5. Irrfan Khan

6. Deepika Padukone

7. Salman Khan

8. Sara Ali Khan

9. Shahrukh Khan

10. Amitabh Bachhan

11. Priyanka Chopra

12. Sunny Leone

13. Tiger Shroff

14. Katrina Kaif

15. Shahid Kapoor

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