Google Allo - A New Messaging app with more Features Than Whatsapp.

In September 2016, Google launched a new real-time communication app called Allo. While Allo has a clean and extremely easy to use interface, much like WhatsApp, it also contains  some new features and add-ons like Google Assistant.

You can create your account with your mobile numbers and you will be up and running in a matter of seconds. Unlike its previous apps, Google doesn’t make it mandatory to sign in from a Google account. It is available on both the Android and iOS platforms.
The interface is simple and nice. You can message your contacts that are already using the app in a dedicated chat screen, or you can create a group and converse. Google has also integrated some new features into the app.
1. Incognito mode
Earlier we have used Incognito Mode in Chrome, where you can browse without registering anything in the browser’s history, there is an Incognito Mode in Allo where you can chat with your contacts and the messages expire after a fixed time.
Chatting in Incognito Mode will restrict Google’s access also to your texts and the self-learning algorithm completely ignores the messages when Incognito. As such, recommendations or suggestions provided to you won’t include the actions performed while in Incognito Mode.
But like profile picture protection in facebook one can save your chats with the help of screenshot.
2. Google Assistant

Allo marks the debut of the Google Assistant, which appears as a more refined and personalized version of Google Now like Facebook’s chatbots and Apple’s Siri, you can converse with Google Assistant, asking it questions and even making it perform simple tasks.
Google Assistant can suggest restaurants nearby or movies to check out, right in your conversation. Find videos to share, get directions, and seek answers together with your friends. While you were chatting with a friend about a movie you can simply type “@google show trailer of (movie name)” and Google will show you the movie trailer.
3. Whisper and Shout
You can whisper and shout at your friends by decreasing and increasing the size of texts. Simply dragging the send button up and down after you have typed your message will enlarge and shrink your message, so as to give an impression of either shouting or whispering.

4. Smart Replies
Smart Replies is a feature in Allo where you are automatically suggested replies and responses based on the messages you receive. Google uses advanced machine learning algorithms to learn your most common responses and as such, the suggestions are personalized and quite similar to ones you would have actually used.
Suppose someone asks you ‘What’s up?’ you often reply Nothing much’, and someone else replies‘Idling around, WBU?’ Over time, Allo will learn these common retorts and suggest you smart replies when a similar question/message comes up. You can  get such suggestions in any language you use depends on your conversation.

The features provided by Allo are so cool. The Assistant feature is more personalized, the smart replies are a gem, and let’s be fair, it’s Google we are talking about. An app integrated with Google can use more internet data available, and Allo does a wonderful job at that.
Its can be a drawback of the App. As we know Google is a big name in telecommunication services but still behind from others.
So if you are using Allo App or have seen someone using? 
What do you want to say about it? 
Share your thoughts in the comments!
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