IPHONE 8: Here Comes the Mobile Beast | Launch dates, Features, Price

iphone 8 new looks

As per rumors apple CEO is going unveil the new version of iPhone series iPhone 8 this week. Apple will be launching its IPhone 8 model on 12th of September along with iPhone 7s and 7s plus. It is also expected the smartphones will be going on sale after a couple of week of its release likely to be on 22th of September. But yet the exact date is not confirmed. Apple is also going to release its new mobile operating system iOS 11.
I know you all want to know what will be in this new version of iPhone. Then I want to tell you all that the exact features of the phone is not conformed yet. But it is expected that iPhone 8 is going to have a new design and UI. It will have the new iOS 11. There is no home button to give user more space for screen but a power button on the side. It will have largest screen than any iPhone made. It has Edge to Edge display. It looks like a single piece of glass.
Previously iPhones have fingerprint unlock technology but iPhone 8 is going to have facial recognition software to unlock the phone. It is so fast that it will unlock your phone in millionths of a second. IPhone 8 would wireless charging and be water resistant. 

It features new HomePod speaker. It also features smartcam that could identify different scenes and objects like babies, pet, snow, sport etc. Some more features are on its way.It features dual rear cameras.
Dual Camera

The cost of iPhone 8 will be approx. 1000 US dollars. These are the information that we are expecting from apple regarding iPhone 8. The more will unveil on 12th of September. Apple will also release iPhone 7 and 7s plus with some more features.


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