These Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 May Beat IPhone 8 Sales

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Previous month Samsung has released its note series Galaxy Note 8 after a long time with all the features that you would expect from a Note-series phone. Last time Note 7 didn’t do well for the consumers so the company has lots of expectation from Note 8. So the company has put all the efforts and created Note 8 with great specifications, nice design and a lot of useful features. On the other hand apple has unveiled their new smartphones iPhone 8 with iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X on 12th of september. Apple has introduced some new features to these phones that are awesome. They have also introduced the new iOS 11 operating system.

Note 8 Vs iPhone 8 Display

Note 8 has a curve 6.3-inch display. It covers the front of the phone and has a finger print sensor at the back of the phone. It looks cool and futuristic. While iPhone comes with 4.7-inch display and the finger print sensor is located in the front. Both the phones has 3d touch display. IPhone 8 features a glass-backed design that is most durable ever used in smartphone.

Note 8 Vs iPhone 8 Specifications

Note 8 is really powerful having a QUALCOMM Snapdragon 835 Processor as well as HD+ resolution display with 6 GB of RAM. Apple has new A11 Bionic processor that is most powerful processor ever used in smartphone. Samsung comes with a storage of 64 GB that can be expected via Micro SD card and iPhone 8 has 64 storage but not SD card slot as expected and 2GB RAM. Note 8 has bundled S-Pen stylus and built-in iris scanner that is not available in iPhone 8

Note 8 Vs iPhone 8 camera

Note 8 has dual 12 MP primary camera with dual LED flash same as iPhone 8. In case of front camera note 8 is better having 8 MP front camera that is just 7 MP in iPhone. The iPhone 8 Portrait Mode now has a feature called Portrait Lighting which uses both camera sensors to create a depth map and then light the subject’s face in real time.

Note 8 Vs iPhone 8 Price

Here comes the main reason people thinks while buying a smartphone. The price of iPhone 8 starts from approx. RS 64,000 in India and that of Note 8 is approx. RS 67,900. As the price of Samsung is little high but that is maximum but the price of iPhone goes up as you go with more features.

So which phone you will buy? Are you an iPhone lover or with Samsung? Share in comment box. Liked my article don’t forget to share on Facebook, Twitter etc
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