These things will take you to your childhood in 90’s Era

We should be proud as a child to be born in 90’s era. Although we don’t have technical toys and gadgets like modern day kids have but we still got some most amazing things to play with.

Here I’m representing you some of those things which will rewind your childhood memories:

1.Sending messages to your friends and loved ones.

2.The orange tapes were in fashion during those days.

3.You remember this glorious screen

4.You jumped through hoops of fire to record your favorite music

5.So you could play it on this

6.The best and hardest game you ever played

7.This is how you predicted the future and solved problems

8.You owned one of these

9.You used this game to predict your future

10.If you owned a pencil case, then you had to own these

11.You had to catch ’em all

12.You remember the pain of dial-up internet…

13.The original iPod

14.The 90’s had the best video games!

15.Really cool pen but one not so cool catch

16.Street Sharks

17.You remember the horrible moment you ran out of gel

18.The only facial you ever wanted

19.Book-fair handouts


Does these things remind you of your childhood ? Share it with your childhood friends.

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