Top 5 Google Adsense Alternative For Blog/Website 2017

As we know getting approval from Google Adsense is very difficult task. Adsense has now become very strict in term of advertising or blog content. Even I have got approval after 3 rejections. And it is not necessary that it will remain forever. Google suspend advertising if we do not stand up to Adsense content policy. I know it is very hard for someone who has done a lot of hard work and there Adsense has been rejected or suspended.
Whenever some problems occurred we always look for its alternatives. So here I am going to tell you about 5 of best alternatives of Adsense. These alternatives can work well for your blog/website depending on your traffic or source of traffic.

Best Alternative to Adsense 2017

2. Infolinks
3. Adversal
4. Chitika
5. Viglinks

Note: I am continually updating this list with all new monetization methods that you can use as an Adsense alternative. So bookmark this page and keep coming back.

Now lets talk about these alternative in details:


This network features contextual ads that work in a slightly different manner than display ads. It is provided by Yahoo and Bing and it offers high-paying ads. Its is easy to get approval to advertising if you have a quality blog and traffic from US or UK.

Minimum Payout: 100 $
Ad types: It provides display and text ads.
Payout Method: PayPal and wire transfer.

Requirements :
  • If you have a quality Blog or website with having good articles & most traffic ratio is from UK & USA then you are more likely to get Approval in less time.
  • Website/Blog should be in English version because it accepts only those websites/Blog which are primarily in English.
  • You must have Keep that in mind that updated your posts regularly at the time of applying for approval.
  • Pages like “contact us, privacy & about” must be created. This put good impression in online world as well in help you from getting approval.
  • Remove all unusual widgets & Ads from website/blog at the time of approval because doesn’t accept most of blogs which having already too much ads.

2. Infolinks

Infolinks is an in-text link ad network that has been a profitable blog monetization network for many publishers. It does not provide contextual ads like google adsense but as an alternatives to google adsense this network is highly recommended.

Minimum Payout: 50 $
Ad types: Text ads, tag ads and search ads.
Payout method: Paypal, eCheck, ACH and Payoneer.
  • Network is open for every online publisher.
  • If you have less views or high views on your blog, it doesn't matter because it can give approval to every big and small publishers.

3. Adversal

It is a CPM based ads network. You need to have monthly page-view of 50,000 to apply. It offers 100% fill rate, high eCPM, multiple ad formats, low minimum payout than other networks, you get payments on time and a good affiliate program.

Minimum payout: 20 $
Ad types: Banner ads, pop ads and interstitial ads.

  • You must have 50,000 page views on your Website/blog in one month.
  • Site having Contents with malware or browser hijacks/redirects will not approve.
  • Your Site Must not host or link to copyright infringing Materials.
  • Must not contain or link to adult content.

4. Chitika

This Network is a CPC Product-Oriented Program & one of the most popular display advertising networks in the world. Publishers and advertisers use this Network to supplement Google Adsense. It always places relevant ads based on your site’s content ( helps to get more clicks). You can edit text color, url color & border color so that your ads blend in with blogs format.

Minimum payout: 10 $
Ad types: Contextual ads, display ads and in-line text ads.
Payout method: PayPal

  • No minimum Traffic Ratio required.
  • English version website/blog.
  • Must not contain copyright infringing Materials.

5. Viglink

earn money online

This network is one of the best way to monetize your website/blog. Basically this network works differently as compared to other monetization ad networks. Viglink is a perfect for website/blog which links to business & E – commerce Websites ( is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet).

Minimum payout: 10 $
Ad types: Affiliate ads
Payout method: PayPal

  • Publishers are not allowed to serve a pop-up or pop-under for participating site.
  • The back button of the browser must be activated.
  • The website does not contain any software that downloads without express consent from the end user.

These are the 5 best alternatives to Adsense that you can use to display ads on your blog and earn. If you are using one of these tell me your experience in comment section.
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