Shocking, 10 Gorgeous Women Who Actually Were Born As Men

Some of the stunning women who look so eligent that any men would get dragged towards them but not all are aware of the fact that they were actually born as a male.

1) Florencia Trinidad

She is the first woman of Argentina who changed herself from male to female, popularly known as Flor de la V. Well. She is a TV presenter and a well-known actress.

2) Caroline Cossey

Caroline Cossey is the first woman to pose for a Playboy magazine. She is one of the most popular trans woman born in 1954, also she struggled to legalized her identity and also to marry.

3) Carmen Carrera

She is a famous American TV personality, who was born male later changed it into female.

4) Christine Jorgensen

She is first woman to undergo change in the society and to her body in America.

5) Claudia Charriez

She appeared in a popular show America Next top model where she found fame but was born as male.

6) Andreja Pejic

Andreja Pejic revealed her indentity as male transformed into female. She is a supermodel.

7) Jenna Talackova

She rose to fame when she was not allowed to participate at a pageant as she was not born as female.

8) Chanel Santini

She is the girl next door .Previously, she has worked into adult films and then changed her identity from male to female.

9) Kim Petras

She changed her lifestyle only to become a well known singer.During her initial days, She was born as male later turned into female.

10) Thalita Zampirolli

She is a known face in Brazil and got her transformation at the age of 18.

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